Required Core Competencies

Foundations and Variations (All Required)

  1. History of Community-Engaged Scholarship
  2. Variations in Community-Engaged Scholarship

Community Partnerships (All Required)

  1. Initiating Community Partnerships
  2. Sustaining Community Partnerships
  3. Techniques for Community Collaboration

Critical Reflection and Critical Thinking (All Required)

  1. Engaging with Diverse Communities
  2. Critical Reflection and Critical Thinking
  3. Ethics in Community-Engaged Scholarship

Community-Engaged Scholarship and Practice (Select ONLY ONE)

  1. Community-Engaged Research and Creative Activities
  2. Community-Engaged Teaching and Learning
  3. Community-Engaged Service and Practice

Approaches and Perspectives (Select ONLY ONE)

  1. Asset Based Community Engagement
  2. Capacity Building Approaches to Sustained Change
  3. Coalition or Systems Approaches to Community Change

Evaluation and Assessment (All Required)

  1. Evaluating Community Partnerships
  2. Quality, Excellence, and Rigor in Peer Review of Community-Engaged Scholarship

Communication and Scholarly Skills (All Required)

  1. Communicating with Public Audiences
  2. Communicating with Academic Audiences

Successful Community Engagement Careers (All Required)

  1. Documenting and Communicating Your Engagement Accomplishments*
  2. Community Engagement Across the Career Span

NOTE: Competency #19—Documenting and Communicating Your Engagement Accomplishments—is fulfilled by your written portfolio and presentation. You do not need to address this separately in your portfolio.Back to Required Competencies

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